Miss Mary of Sweden
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Who is Mary? The women behind the brand

What would Miss Mary be without all the fantastic women? Not just our wonderful customers but also all the skilled staff. The fact is that we wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for one particular woman – Mary. Yes, we are actually named after a real woman. Join us and meet some of the women behind Miss Mary of Sweden.

Are there undergarments that cool the body?

During the warm months of the year or during the menopause, it’s nice to wear cooler garments. Our best suggestion for dressing to stay cool is to start underneath, i.e. with the right kind of undergarments. It can really make a difference. Here, we take a closer look at something many don’t know exists – undergarments that cool the skin.


As a designer my focus is always on Miss Mary’s customers

What is it like working as a lingerie designer? This week in our blog we meet Miss Mary’s designer and pattern designer Marie-Louise Asphäll to get an insight into how new collections are created. We also ask her if she has any personal favourites in the range. You’ll find the answers to this and much more in our in-depth interview.