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How long was it since you checked what bra size you actually have? There is a good chance you may have changed size since you last measured. Women change their bra size about 4-5 times during their adult life. Use our guide to measure your size in three easy steps.

Uplifting experiences – when the right undergarments change your life

Wearing the wrong bra can spoil your day. But then suddenly you find that perfect fitting bra and just like that things change. Today, we let our customers describe in their own words their feeling when they found Miss Mary.

We are passionate about creating undergarments and we live for all the great feedback we get. Recently, the daughter of a hundred-year-old lady phoned and ordered bras for her mother. She told us that her mother had worn Miss Mary for over 40 years (!) and didn’t want to wear any other brand. That was lovely to hear.

How to check if you’re wearing the wrong bra size

The first thing many women do when they step inside the door at home is to take off their bra. But should a bra really be so uncomfortable that you don’t want to wear it? No, absolutely not. A bra that fits perfectly should never feel uncomfortable. So, today we’re going to go through how a bra should NOT fit and how to fix the problem.

The tricks that will help you find the perfect bra for a heavy bust!

Far from all bras give good support. The bigger the cup size and the heavier the bust, the more difficult it is to find the optimal bra. But there are tricks you can use. We go through what you need to think about when you buy a bra for a big, heavy bust.

‘A bra should feel comfortable whatever the size’

13 reasons to love a bodysuit

The body is a classic among undergarments and never seems to go out of fashion. In this week’s blog post we look more closely at all the advantages of wearing a bodysuit.


1. Most bodies have an inbuilt bra that gives support to the bust. The body itself ensures that the bra in turn stays in place and doesn’t glide up the back like a normal bra can when you bend down or move around too much. Some women have problems with the bottom edge of a normal bra folding up under the bust. This cannot happen when you wear a body.