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Best Basic Underwired Bikini bra, Save up to 30%

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Underwired bikini-bra lined with elastic net. Reversibly sewn cups to avoid a visible seam on the décolletage. Adjustable shoulder straps. Firm back construction in elastic material with fastening.

Underwired Bikini top
Adjustable shoulder straps
Reversibly sewn cups to avoid visible seams
Round bust and comfortable support
Standard back with a snap buckle
Made in Europe
Washing Instructions: 
Hand wash
83% polyamide
17% elastane.
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Washing Instructions

  1. Hand wash underwire bras and bras that you want to be careful with.
  2. If you machine wash your underwear (40°),
    always use a laundry bag and a washing detergent without bleach in order to keep the colour. This goes for white underwear as well.
  3. Avoid tumble-drier and spin-drier; let the garments dry by themselves.
  4. Always fasten the bra in the back if you machine wash it – this is to avoid the hooks from scratching the bra.
  5. The band where the underwire is sewn-in can shrink somewhat when washing. Stretch it when wet in order to avoid the underwire from coming out.
  6. Moulded and lined cups can get wrinkled when washed. Always smoothen the cups when wet.
  7. Bras with silicone bands should be washed often. Sweat can eat a hole in and impair the silicone.
  8. Always wash pale materials with colour detergent but never together with coloured underwear.